The Road to the Rhodes

What are those? Bells?

Yes and no. While it is somewhat bell-like, our recently acquired 1979 Rhodes Mark I Suitcase 73 is not as bell-like as the Fender Rhodes era (1969-1974). Nonetheless, the improvements to this model include a 100W stereo (2 x 50W) amp and 1/4" input and outputs as to send them to the console. A result of its less bell-like sound are the improvements made to the tines and action resulting in a more stable sound.

The Rhodes we acquired is in good condition. Nonetheless, parts have been ordered to redo the piano both physically and electrically (tolex, hardware, and capacitors) as to ensure a great sounding instrument. Electrically, the Rhodes will be finished by August 24th. Physically, the piano should be looking beautiful by the end of September. Unfortunately, redoing the tolex will put the Rhodes out of commission for a day or two.

Our Rhodes will fit in with the other keyboards we have. And who knows, maybe we will acquire a Wurlitzer down the line to complement the Rhodes.

Pictures will be uploaded soon!